Rodger & Vicky McKim

As we go to the nations, the people of the nations take us to their hearts. We take them into ours and become family. We have spiritual family connections all over the world, with the Holy Spirit and prayer holding us together.

In 2014, Vicky went to a sensitive nation, and in April that same year Rodger and Vicky both went with with a small group to Venezuela.

Little Brian (pictured below) is one that Rodger prayed over many times for healing while in Venezuela. He became Rodger’s little friend. He would seek Rodger out, just wanting to hang out with him.

In 2015, Rodger set off with some men from Heartland to Brazil and had an amazing time teaching on the Father’s Love and our identity. He had an opportunity to take two young men to the streets and teach them to pray for anyone who had a need. Ears were healed, and tears flowed from people as the Lord touched the hearts of the hungry.  In October he joined the team going to Columbia where the testimony of the Lord was released, and the power of the Lord was manifest for healing and deliverance. In 2016, Rodger traveled to Cuba, Brazil, and Colombia.

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Rodger & Little Brian

Rodger & Little Brian

Rodger with  Noah Olson  in Cuba

Rodger with Noah Olson in Cuba