Liz Block

Liz Block, missionary to eastern Africa, brings the gospel to a community, especially to the children. She is serving under Keeping Hope Alive South Sudan to help bring the gospel to the local church, provide education, and love on the people around her. She returned from a 4 and a half month trip in March 2015 and is returned to the same area in August 2015 for several more months. She will be headed back to Africa February 2017.

Liz has launched a non-profit organization named Kingdom Beyond Borders.

Kingdom Beyond Borders pushes back darkness in the hearts and minds of people and empowers people through community, education and creativity.

Community– The goal is to create a community that supports and helps one another. We don’t just meet for church but we do life together. We are building a community that looks more and more like Jesus every day. We love on purpose.

Education– The goal for the children is for them to receive a good education, the skills they will need for life. They will learn how to read, write, and problem solve—things we take for granted. They will learn about farming and other job skills to be able to provide for their physical needs. And most importantly- they will learn about the Lord, learning about His character, His nature, and how to become one with him.

Creativity– The goal is to ignite the natural, God-given curiosity and creativity in both children and adults. God gives creative ideas with many good results. Creativity is what solves problems. Creativity is what creates inventions. Creativity is what starts new businesses. A creative solution could be the difference between poverty and wholeness. Unlocking creativity in people gives them a tool that can never be stolen, bringing hope and a future.

Action steps for implementing this vision in Eastern Africa:

  1. Live in community with 20 children: working, playing, worshiping, and loving together.

  2. Be part of the neighborhood and local church. Attending the local church, visiting neighbors, and visiting church friends goes a long way to build a community, it is not us and them.

  3. Support education for 26 children, including reading, writing, math, science, geography, English, and Bible.

  4. In the future (when we have more help), support the adults in the church and community with English, the Bible, sanitation, and gardening.

  5. Encourage creativity through incorporating creative writing, art, and other creative lessons.

  6. Encourage dreams, planning and problem-solving in day to day life with the children.

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