Dreaming About Going to the Nations?

Whether you have a mild curiosity, a strong desire, a prophetic word, or have heard the clear voice of the Lord, our BTTN team can help you investigate what your missionary life could be.

  1. The first step is to get your passport, fill out an application, pack a bag, and go on a short-term trip.
  2. Meet with your pastor or spiritual mentor to process your trip, discover your mission, and develop a strategy to move forward.
  3. Intentionally connect with people who share your vision and are ready to support you.
  4. Be sent from a reputable organization. Get a list of some of our favorites here.

Breakthrough to the Nations (BTTN) is the international arm of Heartland Church

It is the banner under which you can be equipped, sent and supported on short-term and long-term trips.

The great missionary statesman, George Verwer, once said “with the Holy Ghost comes a holy go.” This statement is validated historically. Every fresh move of God has resulted in a fresh missionary thrust.

In 2003, God began to move in a fresh way within the congregation of Heartland Church. This resulted in a growing burden to export what the Lord was doing in our midst. Simultaneously, we began to receive invitations from other ministries and nations to come release what the Lord was doing in us.

God began to give us prophetic directives which resulted in some people moving their families to other countries while others began to travel in and out of nations. Missions-minded individuals were attracted to our church, relocating so they could join us.

Over time we recognized the need to develop protocol to facilitate what the Lord was doing. This resulted in the formation of BTTN.

Why the Name?

The name itself is the result of a prophetic word we received from a trusted international prophet, Bob Hazlett. The Lord showed Bob a substantial gift Heartland had sown to purchase a missions base in South America, even giving him specific details concerning the situation. With this information, Bob declared, “God has made you a breakthrough, a breakthrough to the nations.”

The following week, Heartland sent a team into Latin America. During this trip, several of the team members spoke that very phrase (in English) over people in the prayer lines. As they did, those individuals received dramatic miracles; a little boy’s crippled feet were straightened by the power of God, while a woman who had suffered through six unsuccessful surgeries for shoulder issues was instantly healed.

Because we value the prophetic and understand the power of His word, we continue to send under this banner. 

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